University of Iceland
University of Iceland
The 11th Icelandic Education Week

23. June - 30. June 2018
A Master Course in Modern Evidence Based Implant Dentistry focusing on both surgical and prosthetic aspects  

This one week course, taking place in Reykjavik and its beautiful surroundings on the volcanic island, Iceland, addresses the experienced general practitioner, the specialist and the post-graduate student during their training.

The concept of modern comprehensive treatment planning, based on the evidence obtained in dental research in the last decades, will be presented. Case presentations, group work and discussions will be carried throughout the course in order to train the participants in setting up comprehensive treatment plans, using dental implants.

Besides the theoretical part, several live surgeries will be performed. Modern periodontal regenerative procedures and modern plastic periodontal surgery, utilizing the latest developments in microsurgical techniques and materials will be addressed. Moreover, live implant surgeries with and without guided bone augmentations (GBR) in the aesthetic zone and implant surgery in the posterior maxilla in conjunction with sinus floor elevation will be performed. The participants will have the possibilities to practice these techniques in several hands-on exercises.

Prosthetic rehabilitation of partially and totally edentulous patients with dental implants and how optimal aesthetic results can be achieved in post extraction sites utilizing new materials will be discussed.

After this course, participants will not only be up-to-date in periodontal regeneration, implant dentistry and bone augmentation procedures, they have also seen some of the most beautiful places of Iceland and experienced true Icelandic hospitality.

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