Dr. K. Heimisdottir

Kristí­n Heimisdóttir received her DDS from the University of Iceland in 1995. From 1995-2000 she worked as a general dentist in her private clinic in Reykjaví­k, Iceland. In 2000 she started her postgraduate training in Orthodontics at the University of Berne, Switzerland. She finished her post-graduate training in 2003 and worked as an associate professor and senior lecturer at the Department of Orthodontics, University of Berne.

In 2006-2007 she taught at the Department of Orthodontics, University of Iceland. From 2007 she runs her own private clinic in Reykjaví­k, Iceland, specializing in orthodontics.
Dr. Heimisdottir is the president of the Icelandic Orthodontic Society. Dr. Heimisdottir is an honorary research fellow at the University of Iceland.

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